Welcome to Masks of Nyarlathotep!

We are test-running Obsidian Portal as a means of keeping track of the various events and characters in the game.

The Adventure Log is where a player will record what happened during each session so that everyone may refer back to it as necessary. You may do this in any way you choose. For instance, you might write in-character as if writing a journal entry, or you may meta-game, and comment on the events. You could write paragraph form or use lists. Whatever helps the party keep track of what’s going on is perfectly acceptable.

The Characters tab is, of course, for keeping track of the various people you meet. NPCs will stick around even when you’re not there (unless they’re murdered by cultists!), and you may wish to contact someone for help whom you have not seen in some time.

These various pages may link to one another, forming a wiki for the campaign.

Masks of Nyarlathotep 2014

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